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Wheel Of Fortune

Promotional games are a powerfultool in marketing. They enable marketers to heighten awareness of their product or service. They encourage product or service interaction and can affect the buying choice of decision makers both in retail and B2b.
Harnessing its experiences gained in the lottery, gaming & bingo industries throughout Europe, PlayPrint offers a wide experience of what excites and motivates and what generates a good winning & losing experience.
It offers clients the opportunity to avail of proven games and printing expertise as well as legal knowledge.
The company has the know how to deliver promotions that excite andgenerate enthusiasm at end user level be that in a shopping centre, pub, or Smartphone.
New media & social networking is having a fundamental impact on how marketing of products is taking place. Playprints’ wide knowledge of what has worked in the past can be leveraged in new ways to work as part of these new media to encourage interaction with products or services

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